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A message from HADD Homeowners

Many in the building industry would like you to believe that consumer groups and the media are trying to sensationalize the issue of defective new housing and serve only to needlessly alarm prospective home buying consumers. Nothing could be further from the truth. We have firsthand knowledge of the crisis in defective housing, which includes deficient building materials being used nationwide. We are not attorneys, nor builders, but homeowners who are living and working out of our own deficient new home nightmares.  Too much confidence is placed on the building industry and immune municipal building inspections. Residential contractors (builders) and developers are in the business for a profit. Always remind yourself of that fact. The real estate agent will get a percentage of the sale as well as the builder.

So, who works for the home-buyer in this process? No one works for the home-buyer.  Arm yourself with information!

Disclaimer: Although the HADD Board of Directors has researched information to ensure accuracy and completeness of the limited scope of information contained in this website, we assume no responsibility for errors, inaccuracies, omissions or any other inconsistency herein. The  information applies to new homes completed prior to Jan. 1st. 2003 and to second owners of homes constructed under ten years. -This website does not intend to give any legal specific advice to your situation, you should always consult with an attorney regarding, defective construction, contracts, warranties and other legal matters.
Although HADD relates to the pain, suffering and frustration that often accompanies defective homes, ill families, financial devastation and uncooperative homebuilders/contractors,  HADD does not endorse, nor accepts any liability and/or responsibility for the content of any external sites. External links and or acknowledgements are not endorsements by HADD.