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NOTEAlthough HADD relates to the pain, suffering and frustration that often accompanies defective homes, ill families, financial devastation and uncooperative homebuilders/contractors,  HADD does not endorse, nor accepts any liability and/or responsibility for the content of any external sites. 


What does a group of angry homeowners do when they feel they have received shoddily built homes for their lifetime investments? Do they picket the builders' sales offices? Sue the builder for repairs and damages? Sometime they do, and sometimes they do even more.....

Contractors From HELL
(great site for remodel/home improvement consumers!)

Dear website visitor- 
Let me start off by saying that I typically hate these types of websites.  All too often people start "Gripe Sites" as a "knee-jerk" reaction to companies that have wronged them.  One of my goals of this website is to provide the full facts regarding my experiences with the builder of my new home, K. Hovnanian.


Home and Condo Defects: A Consumer Guide to Faulty Construction

Consumer Guide

An invaluable handbook for homeowners with defective housing who are litigating or considering litigation:

"The Millers' "Home and Condo Defects: A Consumer Guide to Faulty Construction" dispels the myths and counterfeit claims of the Building Industry regarding construction defect litigation and informs homeowners not to fall into the builders' implied "one year warranty". I relished most how the Millers detail the fact that law suits are, in actuality, forcing this industry to "clean up its act". To date, a trial of our peers is still the most effective and propounding method of holding bad builders accountable". --Sandy Skipper-Lopez, HADD Director, Homeowners Against Deficient Dwellings Inc.

"As the Attorney General of California, I have a great interest in protecting the general public from faulty residential construction. Your new consumer guide provides homeowners with a wealth of information."
--Bill Lockyer, Attorney General, State of California

"At last, a simple yet comprehensive discussion about a very complicated subject matter that is affecting millions of Americans."
--Mike Packard, PCAM, CPM, Past National President of Community
Associations Institute


California: This website is about our Reynen and Bardis nightmare We have spent thousands of dollars on our own geotechnical and structural engineers. Our engineers reports state that Reynen and Bardis built our home incorrectly. Reynen and Bardis refuses to stand by their warrantee and have yet to fix our major structural issues.
Buyers Tips:
    • Research your builder. Find out where the builder operates and under what names. One way builders get out of lawsuits is to have multiple corporations that individually have few assets.

    • County or state court records may reveal whether the builder has been sued.

    • Research the company using the local Better Business Bureau

    • Search the internet for stories and websites about your homebuilder.

    • Search the archives of you local newspaper. Some newspapers provide archives through internet databases.

    • County Assessor records may show whether there are liens on the builder's properties indicating if the company owes money to someone. A lien can be filed on your house after closing if the builder did not pay a subcontractor!

    • Introduce yourself to your potential new neighbors. Talk to them about their experience with the builder.



KB HOME, the second largest builder in North Texas, tried to make the webmaster of KBHOMESUCKS an offer about the LEMON house that they built and KBHOMESUCKS.COM.

Why do the bad guys win?

Must Read: That new house you buy is your home, but just another business deal for someone else.

As a psychiatrist I can perhaps explain something about the psychology of bad people like our developer, what makes them 'tick'. This information may help you avoid the pain we endured. Although we didn't realize what we were up against until it was too late, you may find earlier clues in the people you deal with.


My Nightmare Home. I purchased this home in good faith after being assured it was sound! Within months my daughter and I were swarmed by Termites and every year since in the spring its the same. The builder did nothing ....

J.W. Applegate
I have reported some potential issues with my house to our Contractor, J.W. Applegate of Jeffersonville, In. He had his lawyer write me a letter that there was nothing wrong with my house.
Pulte Homeowner Sites
American Heritage
Woodhaven Homes
WOODHAVEN HOMES - HELP FOR UNHAPPY HOMEOWNERS!!  This page is dedicated to finding and helping other unhappy Woodhaven Homes customers. Royce Homes
Dec 19, 2001 Added new websites about Royce Homes in Katy TX. Please visit their sites about toilet overflows and sewage problems. Could that be why the surrounding homes are not selling? See The dream home that became a nightmare

Centex Homes

Dec 27, 2000 Added to Homeowner WebsitesCentex Homes. Buyer Beware!

Shea Homes

Ocean Ranch. Another Shea Homes Site. Just so you know that you are in good company... I am 7 years ahead of you, here is what I started with... and ended with!  I hope it puts your situation into a better light (or perhaps not).  This company just keeps on doing it to buyers, over and over and over - again.


(Kaufman & Broad)


KB HOME, the second largest builder in North Texas, tried to make the webmaster of KBHOMESUCKS an offer about the LEMON house that they built and KBHOMESUCKS.COM.

Welcome to our Website . in here we would like to show you, how KB Homes takes care of our  problems. You will only see and read Facts about our experience with KB Homes. No Picture is fake and no story is staged in any way . We are just telling facts . See how  one of the  Biggest Home Builder is practicing  Customer Service

Kaufman and Broad: A Homeowners Story  Terms and Conditions for the Use of Kaufman and Broad: A Homeowners Story. We have had our share of problems with our new home. From the time we moved in (1995) until now, we have had, everything from construction defects too inadequate warranty repairs done by Kaufman and Broad employees and their subcontractors.

The K&B Files. Judge for yourself how Kaufman & Broad Builders relate to their customers (homeowners) and their neighbors. These links were found on the WWW using search terms such as "kaufman and broad", "problems kaufman and broad" and the like. In part, they demonstrate that the issues at Oak Park Trails are not unique, but a recurring theme. We are not alone.

Kaufman and Broad Quality Is Only Lip Service. The big leaders are setting the trend in construction. What are the big leaders doing to get so rich so   quickly? If our home is a representative sample of what the construction industry is up to then the real     impact on our economy will not be felt for the next thirty years. 


DR Horton

The Williams Residence For Sale Built by D.R.Horton Located at Montana Estates Henderson, Nevada  2499 Sedona Cedar Ave.  Henderson, Nv. 89052 The Cracked Driveway is the first charming detail to welcome you to this beautiful home. The Professionally designed Drainage for this yard goes under your driveway without ANY support at all.  AMAZING isn't it!!! 

Ryland Homes

Ryland Homeowners Take Note!  This site is  dedicated to helping ryland homeowners resolve their common construction defects such as Masonite and LP siding, defective windows, HOW in receivership, OSB, and more.

Pulte Homes


Pulte Homes, Master Builders? So you want to build a new home. Great! You have decided on Pulte Homes as your builder. I will not tell you that this is a good or a bad   choice. My opinion is not what this web site is about. However, I will show you some pictures and reports of my home. You will learn of my   family's experience with Pulte Homes.

Pulte Homes. Freeing Nashville of its terrible tree infestation! Our experience, and the experience of our neighbors and various other Pulte Customers  around the country, has been considerably different. This claim would have you believe that they have a good product and good customer service. In our neighborhood, both the product  and the customer service were much better before the original builder was purchased by  Pulte. Quality, size, selection, and service (not to mention the trees) have all declined since Pulte got involved. 

Henry Homes

Hayward hornsby vs Henry Company Homes. In the early spring of 1995, Hayward Hornsby decided to pursue the American Dream:  home ownership. By the summer of that year it had turned into an American nightmare.  The following is the true story of  Mr. Hornsby and his ongoing battle with a home builder who is attempting to abuse our government and  the judicial system and manipulate them to its advantage.  The statements made herein are verifiable  through the public record as noted.  The story is told to correct certain misconceptions previously reported in the local media and to help others avoid Mr. Hornsby's predicament.

Beazer Homes

Hi I'm beazerhomes. My home did not receive the warranty service promised by Beazer Homes. When this site went online, service started. I like to think that my home is again under "construction". While my home is under construction this site will remain under construction. Please come back soon and visit me.

OUR BEAZER HOME HAD MOLD. We have a two-story 5 bedroom home built in Plano, Texas by Beazer Homes USA, Inc. in 1997. Our home had mold. In February 2001, we had to move out of our home because of significant mold contamination. 

Hedgewood Properties Inc.

Mar 29, 2000 Added to Homeowners Websites: Unhappy Hedgewood Homeowners Association. Thank-you for visiting the UHHA website. Our site is rapidly growing due to the tremendous response  to UHHA's "Declaration of War". Please read the UHHA Goals and the "Declaration of War" documents by clicking their links at the left. If you are a Hedgewood Properties, Inc. homebuyer, we would love to hear from you. The "Hedgewood Horror Stories" are very real and many. As stories are written and pictures taken, they will be posted under the Horror Stories link at the left.

American Heritage Homes

In every community there is one homebuilder that manages to establish itself among homebuyers as an incompetent, untrustworthy, and poorly managed company with low standards for quality, style, service and value.  In the St. Louis Metropolitan area, it is American Heritage.

Sovereign Homes

"Sovereign Homes, Inc. owned by Dallas businessman Richard C. Strauss, has shut the doors on his home building arm of RCS Investments. He has sold the majority of the assets to William Ryan Homes, out of IL."

Eagle Valley Home

Providing support to each other and information to others.
A campaign for Nevada homeowners with faulty construction.
Safe Homes members meet with State Senator Dina Titus during legislative lobby day.
Defective Products
The Story on EIFS-
Energy Efficient Foam Board Systems
Texans for Builder Reform
Insurance Questions-Issues

The California Contractors State Licensing Board 

The CSLB has excellent advice pertaining to remodeling/home improvement consumer information, repairs, how to protect yourself from mechanics liens.

Complaints must be filed in writing with the Board. The Board's standard complaint form may be obtained by calling the Board's toll-free automated information phone line 1-800-321-CSLB; writing P.O. Box 269116, Sacramento, CA 95827; or print a complaint form online.

The CSLB has excellent advice pertaining to remodeling/home improvement consumer information, repairs, how to protect yourself from mechanics liens.

(One may concurrently file in the courts along with these agencies to preserve your legal rights under California Law)