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About defective new-home construction...

"Californians need affordable housing. However, builders who keep housing costs low by ignoring critical building and safety codes give home buyers only an illusion of affordability.  Housing that needs retrofitting....long before it not affordable housing." -Oliver Buford, Executive Director, Executive Council of Homeowners.

"Good builders dont get sued.  If builders want to avoid lawsuits, they should build home safely in the first place."- Sandy Lopez, National Director, (HADD).

"I had a warranty on my new house. All it did was create 'hoops' for me to jump through.  I wish U.S. Homes had honored its warranty; it would have saved my family years of grief." -Teri Codina, Homeowner

"Improving the quality of the most cost-effective way of reducing California's earthquake risk...{and} would increase safety dramatically at relatively minor increases in building costs.  Buildings that are properly designed and constructed are better able to resist earthquakes."- Gov. Pete Wilson's Seismic Safety Commission Report on the Northridge Earthquake.

"A trained worker is 30% more effective than an untrained worker.  Builders can save money, increase safety and build better, more affordable homes by hiring skilled, trained workers." - John Wilson, consultant to the residential construction industry.