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SLAPPED-Lawsuits filed by Developers to chill one's rights
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SLAPPED-Lawsuits filed by Developers to chill one's rights
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What are SLAPPs?
(The following definition is from CASP Website-California Anti-Slapp Project)
SLAPPs -- Strategic Lawsuits Against Public Participation -- are civil complaints or counterclaims (against either an individual or an organization) in which the alleged injury was the result of petitioning or free speech activities protected by the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution. SLAPPs are often brought by corporations, real estate developers, or government officials and entities against individuals who oppose them on public issues. Typically, SLAPPs are based on ordinary civil tort claims such as defamation, conspiracy, and interference with prospective economic advantage.

While most SLAPPs are legally meritless, they effectively achieve their principal purpose: to chill public debate on specific issues. Defending a SLAPP requires substantial money, time, and legal resources and thus diverts the defendant's attention away from the public issue. Equally important, however, a SLAPP also sends a message to others: you, too, can be sued if you speak up.

Every year thousands of people are hit with SLAPPs for such activities as writing a letter to a newspaper, reporting misconduct by public officals, speaking at public meetings, filing complaints with officials over violations of labor laws or health and safety laws, "whistleblowing" in corporations, or organizing tenants.

For more information on SLAPPs and or how to protect yourself -visit

Organization helps prevent and defend against Strategic Lawsuits Against Public Participation, which keep people from posting to Internet forums.

What's Hiding In Home Contracts
(CBS) When Mary Cohn tried to sue the company that built her home for producing a house filled with defects, she didn't exactly find a welcome mat at the courthouse.

"Our home was infiltrated with mold and water. It made my children ill living in this home," Cohn says.
Unable to sue and opposed to arbitration, Mary Cohn instead put a sign on her house blasting her home builder. Now, the builder is suing her

Sunday, June 01, 2003. NV: Judge Dismisses Builder D.R. Horton's Lawsuit against Homeowner Coalition Judge David Wall granted a motion late Wednesday to dismiss a lawsuit filed by home builder D.R. Horton against Safe Homes Nevada, a coalition of homeowners, based upon protections of the fair reporting privilege.

Men who testify --Slapped

RENO, Nev. (AP) - Two men who testified before the Nevada Legislature this year about construction problems with their new homes have been sued by the builder and developer.

These lawsuits are an attempt to bully and intimidate citizens by subjecting them to the expense and uncertainties of litigation. ... SLAPP Suits or Strategic Lawsuits Against Public Participation are part of a growing phenomenon in which a powerful plaintiff -- developers, ...

Homebuilder loses slander lawsuit

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

A lawsuit backfired on a Cherokee County homebuilder who sued a customer for complaining that work on his home was unfinished and shoddy.

Builder Kathy Nicotra sued Don Akridge for slander and interfering with her business, but Akridge fought back, countersuing Nicotra for breach of contract and warranty and negligent construction of his $485,000 home in the Lake Sovereign neighborhood.

A Cherokee County Superior Court jury sided with Akridge last month, finding that he did not slander Nicotra. The jury awarded him $36,000 for his claims.

"The little guy can win," Akridge said of his three-year fight.

Congratulations Mr. Akridge, from all of us at HADD!

 Why should we stop SLAPP Suits? Public participation is essential to a representative ... SLAPPs are often brought by corporations, real estate developers, or government officials ...

They sue us for our words when we expose their actions.