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Your Rights Under California Law
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Your Rights Under California law

 SB 800 Right to Repair law here 

Most reputable homebuilders or contractors will respond to legitimate reasonable claims for incomplete or faulty construction.

WHEN you make a claim may determine whether you get a good response. The best advice is to make a claim with the builder or the customer relations department as soon as the problem becomes known. The best means to accomplish this is to inspect your house prior to purchase and then immediately after taking occupancy, noting in writing all areas of deficiency and then bringing these to the attention of the builder, again in writing. Send all correspondence certified mail; be certain to keep copies of all correspondence, both from and to you. Keep a journal of any conversations, whom, when, and what was said.

For new home purchases or the installation of a new product (e.g., a new window system), it is common for the builder, contractor or supplier to provide you with a "warranty" indicating a time limit during which it will respond to problems. Such warranty periods usually run from one to five years, and claims made within that time period should be honored without question. This time period, however, is often not the end of the limit for which a contractor is legally responsible for the work or materials in question!

In California, the time for an owner to bring a claim for faulty construction (negligence) is set by statute.  To be safe, notify your builder as soon as you suspect a problem.

To be safe, follow the these guidelines:

1.  INSPECT your home before taking possession, just after taking possession and periodically for ten years.

2. Bring all suspected instances of defective or incomplete construction to the attention of the Developer/builder in writing and keep copies of all correspondence.


CSLB-California Contractor's Licensing Board AND CONSTRUCTION COMPLAINTS

CSLB's complaint process and procedures are designed to protect the public in matters pertaining to construction and to assist in the resolution of construction related complaints. CSLB handles any violations of the Contractors License Law, whether the contractor is licensed or unlicensed, for up to four years from the date of the act.

Although the HADD Board of Directors has researched information to ensure accuracy and completeness of the limited scope of information contained in this website, we assume no responsibility for errors, inaccuracies, omissions or any other inconsistency herein. The  information applies to new homes completed after Jan. 1st. 2003 and to second owners of homes constructed under ten years. -This website does not intend to give any legal specific advice to your situation, you should always consult with an attorney regarding, defective construction, contracts, warranties and other legal matters.
Although HADD relates to the pain, suffering and frustration that often accompanies defective homes, ill families, financial devastation and uncooperative homebuilders/contractors,  HADD does not endorse, nor accepts any liability and/or responsibility for the content of any external sites. External links and or acknowledgements are not endorsements by HADD.


We acknowledge all HADD families who truly demonstrated a courageous spirit by sharing their home problems in hopes of assisting new homeowners and educating homebuyers. You now have the heartache and knowledge gained from these families' experience to guide you---let it not be in vain.

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