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California Homeowners

Who's in your house? How to protect your family from Construction Workers with unsavory pasts.
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Who's in your house? 
 What can you do to protect your family?
When HADD opposed a new law SB 800 (Right To Repair), another legitimate concern, along with builders with histories of shoddy work, was the safety of our familiesIn California a contractor's license status via the CSLB, Contractors State Licensing Board, does not reflect past and/or pending civil and/or criminal legal actions, but rather board related complaints. Too, Builders, contractors and their employees now have the legal obligation to make corrections on any home during the construction process, when it is safe for our families.  These obligations to obey building laws are not being enforced by local municipalities. 
It can and has been a rather loaded situation to have a disgruntled homeowner and likewise contractor in the same space. Woman and children shouldn't be alone with strangers in the home, and this is what SB 800 has and will create. 
It goes against all we have been taught, and assuredly, that is who most commonly will be available for repairs.   Households that demand a spouse, family member or friend be present for repairs, may be construed as 'being difficult" and noncompliant.
In Connecticut, more than 350 convicted felons are licensed to perform home improvement work fifteen of who are listed on the states sex offender registry.  Sadly, each state cannot attest, verify and or assure the public concerning licensed entities, and regardless licensed entities with little background revealed are not making repairs, but employees, many undocumented
Read More: Article on background checks inquiries into builders---
Who's in your house? 
A  young girl was sexually assaulted here in Connecticut by her family's contractor. He was a felon who had a history of preying on children.

Drug use in the Construction Industry
Construction workers, handlers, helpers, and laborers, precision production and repair workers, and food preparation, waitstaff, and bartenders reported the highest rates of current illicit drug use. Protective service workers reported the lowest rate of current drug use.
Movie Director Al Adamson Murdered, Buried Under Own House
MACON - A construction worker has been charged in the strangulation deaths of a teen-age girl and a 31-year-old woman.
AOL executive murdered by remodeling contractor
POWAY ---- Chula Vista police detectives arrested a Poway construction worker Wednesday in connection with the rape of an 87-year-old Chula Vista woman Sunday at a retirement complex.
20020411; Rocky Mountain News (Denver CO); Huntley Sarah
Byline: Sarah Huntley News Staff Writer

BOULDER -- An electrician doing construction work at Farrand Hall at the University of Colorado has been accused of drilling ``peeping Tom'' holes in closets overlooking women's- restrooms.

DSS Also Culpable in Murder of Social Worker on Cape Cod ... to an end Thursday when 39-year-old construction worker, Paul DuBois, was arrested in Branson, Mo. Silva was gunned down ...

... KING COUNTY - A 23-year-old Redmond construction worker says he's sorry for all the mess he caused on the ... One Dead, One Arrested In Fatal Crash In Seattle ...
... MIDLAND (AP) - A construction worker already charged with arson in connection with a blaze that killed his ... Leon "Butch" Martin, 35, was arrested in April after an indictment charged ...

Date:April 23, 2002 VERMONT FUGITIVE ARRESTED IN LOS ANGELES ... molestation of a nine-year-old female victim, was arrested this evening by Agents of the Federal Bureau ... Bliss was employed as a construction worker at the Olympic Hotel in ...
Redman, a construction worker, allegedly threatened the victim with a box cutter and then used it to slash her neck, legs, arms and buttocks, said Mallios.
... 32-year-old Snyder construction worker pleaded guilty Monday to raping a 19-year-old woman in her ... rope around the woman's neck and sexually assaulted her, according to ...
... Ricardo Gonzales, 36, a construction worker from Wayland, Mich., has been taken into custody and charged with three ... he may have sexually assaulted the woman and that he was aware ...

... An Arkansas man has been arrested and charged with murder in the shooting death of a Callaway man ... Simmons, a construction worker, is being held without bond in the Bay ...
... June 8, 2002: Los Angeles, California. Plant Worker Arrested. : Sheriff's deputies found a cache of unregistered ... A construction worker stormed a construction site and shot his ...

Recent graduate slain in Maryland Home by Painter's assistant.
Woman slain by rug cleaning Contractor
Montana Contractor suspect in Binions death Las Vegas