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A victim volunteer nonprofit organization for homeowners and buyers  HADD is a volunteer organization of homeowners living and working out of defective homes.  Our volunteers work hard, out of pocket, to provide information to you- the homebuyer. We are not attorneys, we are the victims of unscrupolous building practices and an unregulated industry. We have been new home consultants for, but not limited to: DATELINE NBC, THE BOSTON GLOBE, CONSUMER REPORT MAGAZINE, THE LA TIMES, SF CHRONICLE, KANSAS CITY STAR, 20/20.

Background HADD came into existence in response to an overwhelming need of support and resolution from families who felt isolated while coping with their devastating home damage and loss. Because the lone attempts to get their homes fixed proved unsuccessful these families started to find each other and united into a cohesive group with a common cause. It was while testifying before legislative committees in the Kansas state capital that HADD emerged as a national grass roots organization.

HADD is not an arbitration group nor does it provide legal counsel.
HADD offers support and suggestions to assist consumers in making educated, informed decisions when buying a home or resolving the complicated issues with deficient homes.

Mission Statement To promote better building standards and practice;
To educate the general public how to avoid substandard, deficient housing, and how to rectify current instances of substandard, deficient housing; and
To continuously search for various remedies leading to recovery of adequate damages from deficient home builders/sellers.

Goals  To assist home buyers/owners in their pursuits of various remedies leading to the possible recovery of damages.
To research court documents, city/county codes and ordinances, state licensing practices, legal issues and documents then providing this information to the home buyer/owner.
To educate home buyers/owners on how to investigate their own home issues and what actions they can take.
To acquaint city/county government about existing problems in codes and ordinances, and/or code enforcement and work towards possible solutions.
To work with state and federal legislators to promote consumer protection bills concerning the residential building industry.

Contrary to rumor, HADD is not the brain child of Trial Lawyers, nor Teamsters, but the organization and will of victim volunteers who all live and work out of deficient homes. However, we make no apologies for working with such great organizations as Consumer Attorneys, Public Citizen, Trial Lawyers for Public Justice, Unions and other consumer oriented groups. All HADD representatives have experienced deficient housing along with the pain and frustration of unresponsive builders--all our efforts as of today, are out of pocket.